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Since 28 June 2019
Frequently asked
What is the main activity of your company?
We are working on one of the most profitable directions at the moment - we trade cryptocurrency at the largest and most reliable exchanges.
Do I risk my own funds by investing in your project?
Any investment carries risks. Even if your money simply lies in your wallet, you risk that sooner or later the funds will depreciate. But we reduce all possible risks to a minimum due to qualitative diversification and therefore we provide our investors with a stable profit.
Why is there little information in the network about your company?
At the initial stage of the project, we limit our advertising campaign to ensure a smooth launch and to protect Crypto Harbor from the excessive flow of depositors, which at the moment is inappropriate.
Who can become a project investor?
Any participant can join our investment offer. The only important requirement is that he must reach the age of majority.
How can I start cooperation with the company?
We offer all potential investors, who are considering the option of cooperation with Crypto Harbor, to register a personal account on the project site. Preliminary, we recommend that you read our Rules, because by registering, you confirm your consent to fulfill them.
What data do I need to specify during registration?
The administration of the project does not require you to specify your passport data, pass verification and in no way tends to impair the confidentiality of its investors. You must specify only the standard registration information.
What client data does the company disclose to third parties?
We respect the desire of our clients to remain anonymous; therefore we do not disclose personal information to third parties.
How secure is my personal data?
The project uses modern encryption, which provides complete protection against our clients’ data leakage. Thanks to a licensed SSL certificate, users can be completely confident in the security of data transmission.
Do I have to create an account on your website to earn money with the project?
Yes, you do. All relationships with private investors we conduct through a modern online resource. Registration is absolutely free and will not take much of your time.
Can I have several accounts at once and use them to invest in the project?
No, this is prohibited by the rules of our project. You can create and use only one account, as all subsequent registrations will be identified and blocked along with available money on the balance.
What payment systems are available for investment in Crypto Harbor?
At the moment, you can invest money through the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Payeer and Perfect Money payment systems.
What is the minimum investment amount in the project?
You can invest from 0.0015 ВТС, 0.07 ETH, 50 XRP or $10.
How much can I invest in your project?
You can invest up to $200,000 in one investment plan
After transferring funds, will the deposit be activated instantly?
The deposit will be activated as soon as the funds are accrued to our accounts. Please note that the transfer of the cryptocurrency may take some time not through our fault - it must beconfirmed by the network participants.
Can I create multiple deposits?
Yes, you can create as many deposits as you want.
How long should I wait to get payments from the project?
To make a profit on your wallet, you need to create an appropriate application in your personal account. We process all applications in manual mode. Therefore the payment according your request can take up to 96 hours.
Does the project provide immediate automatic payments to the wallet?
Automatic payments are very convenient, but they significantly reduce the security level of clients' funds. In order to provide investors with maximum security, we make payments in manual mode (the payment according your request can take up to 96 hours), in which each transaction is thoroughly tested. You can be sure that your profits will always accrue in accordance with the established regulations.
What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw to my wallet?
For the withdrawal is available the amount from 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 5 XRP and $1.
Are there any restrictions on the maximum amount of withdrawal?
There are no restrictions on withdrawal amount.
Does the project charge a commission for payment transactions?
The project administration does not charge deposits and profits with any commissions, but you need to take into account the commissions of payment systems.
Do you plan to add additional payment systems in the future?
Yes, in the process of the project work, we plan to add other cryptocurrencies as well.
How can I be sure that after investing my money is safe?
The project servers are provided with reliable DDoS protection, we work with a whole team of professionals who make every effort to ensure that the investment resource of Crypto Harbor is fully protected from intruders and hacking. This gives grounds to assert that your funds after the creation of the deposit are completely safe.
Does the project have an affiliate program?
We cooperate with partners - for detailed information on the conditions under which this happens, you can find out in the relevant section of our website.
Can I join an affiliate program and receive a reward without having a personal deposit in Crypto Harbor?
Participation in the affiliate program is available to all registered participants, regardless of whether they have personal deposits or not.
How do I attract partners?
To attract new members, you need to use a personal referral link, which you can find in your account after registration. At your disposal there are other promotional materials, which are also posted in the user's personal account. Post them on various thematic resources, share with potential investors in discussions and social networks. At the same time, we caution you not to resort to spam, since this method of advertising the project may adversely affect the reputation of our company.
Will the remuneration be paid to me if my partner makes reinvestment from the balance sheet?
Yes, regardless of whether your referral makes funds from the balance or from the payment system, you will certainly receive a reward from his contribution.
What payment system can I use to get reward according to affiliate program?
Payment of remuneration is made on the PS with which the deposit was made by the involved participant.
Is my personal data (payment details, e-mail address, etc.), which I use in the investment process, secured?
We use modern and reliable methods of encryption and data protection, as well as we do not disclose any information about our clients, keeping their full anonymity. Therefore, you can be completely sure that no personal information will become public and will not be transferred to third parties.
Do you plan to add new language versions in the future?
We plan the international development of the project and present it as an investment fund accessible to everyone - regardless of nationality and country of residence. Therefore, in the future we will add language versions that will help to use our investment offer to all comers from different parts of the world.
What if I have lost access to my account and do not remember the password?
The loss of the password from the account in no way means the end of the cooperation with Crypto Harbor. Use the password recovery form and keep earning with our company.
Where can I go if I have additional questions?
With all the questions you are interested in, you can contact technical support, which will competently answer about any aspect of the project work.