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Since 28 June 2019
About Us

Blockchain technology presents great opportunities for the societyand it can be used in various fields of the human activities and indifferent industries.

Blockchain allows storing safely the information on the remoteservers and devices located around the world. The informationstored on the blockchain cannot be hacked, forged or changedin any way.

Data security plays a crucial role in today's world. Blockchainprovides the maximum security with the cheapest costs andmost affordable tools. Different devices around the world areused to store information.

Main activities of Crypto Harbor

Investment in promising crypto startups

Crypto Harbor LTD specialists understand this and believe in the future of blockchain. They monitor closely all cryptocurrency startups andcarefully study the ideas that these startups offer. A careful study of startup developments allows us to identify the most useful research forsociety and invest in the development of startups in the early stages of their foundation, investing in IEO.

Investments in the early stages of token sale allow buying tokens of promising startups with maximum discounts and bonuses at the bestprice. In the future, with the development of the project, the price of the tokens of a startup grows. But it is very important to invest inpromising startups that are able to realize their ideas and have the greatest prospects for this.

To find the right startup Crypto Harbor LTD has a team of experienced experts who carefully study all offers on the market and monitor all newproducts and startups. An important direction of activity of Crypto Harbor LTD is the long term investments. It is very important to find the mostpromising startups in the crypto and the study of their technologies.

Trading activities on cryptocurrency exchanges

The second but not less important direction of activities of Crypto Harbor LTD is trading at cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market isvery young and unstable. Big volatility in the cryptocurrency market allows traders to earn not only in the growing market, but also in the fallingmarket. This allows Crypto Harbor LTD to make a profit even if the price of cryptocurrencies falls.

The specialists of Crypto Harbor LTD trade on exchanges such as Binance, Huobi, Gate and others. It is an important part of activity of theCrypto Harbor LTD. This direction provides the company with a stable and constant income regardless of the market condition. We employ someof the most experienced traders who allow closing most of the transactions in the plus even if the cryptocurrency market falls.

The combination of investing in promising startups and the formation of the most flexible and profitable investment portfolio with thepermanent trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges allows Crypto Harbor LTD to get the stable income, even during the periods of fall, whenthe price of most altcoins falls. This combination gives the greatest profit in the long term, as the price of cryptocurrencies is growing in longterm period even if they can fall in short term period.